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 Statement of the Provisional Commission of the (new) Italian Communist Party (14th/2009)

23rd May 2009


To the Communist Party of Greece (M-L)

To all communist parties and groups


On the Proposal of the CP of Greece (m-l) for a Joint Statement on the European Paliament Elections

(Proposal is here enclosed)


Dear comrades,

according to us your initiative to propose a common declaration of the communist parties regarding the elections for the European Parliament of the next June 2009 is very good. Your proposal will surely promote a better coordination among the communist parties, will favour the progress of their international action and also of their conception of socialist revolution in Europe and will increase the prestige of the communist parties among the working class and the other classes of the popular masses.

In fact, your proposal will indeed give rise to an open and frank debate among the European communist and the advanced people about the conditions of socialist revolution in Europe and on the line the communist parties have to follow for organizing it successfully.


The European imperialist groups indict the European elections for giving a democratic cover for their policies against workers, people, revolutionaries and Communists in their countries, for their policies of robbery and sacking in the oppressed countries and for their support to the racist and theocratic State created by Zionists in Palestine. Anyway, by a shrewd conduct we Communists can manage to make this initiative backfire against them, as happened with other initiatives the imperialists did.

These elections already created a favourable context for a common declaration by the communist parties addressed to the masses, as this one you are promoting, or else a debate among the communist parties about the conditions of the revolution in Europe and the line the communist parties have to follow. We can and must take advantage of this context.


What must we Communist say to the European popular masses taking advantage of the attention the European elections create about political, economical and social problems?

According to us, the common declaration has to show the following 7 points:


1. The ongoing crisis is the exit of the contradictions of the world imperialist system. The ongoing crisis is closely tied to the nature of the capitalist system, that is a system of exploitation by now overcome by the concrete conditions it itself and the first wave of proletarian revolution created in the world and particularly in our countries. The theses that reduce the origin of the preset crisis to the dysfunction of financial institutions, to the exaggerations and the abuses of their managers, to the mistakes of the bourgeois politicians who imposed liberalization and globalization, are a fraud. The present crisis is the final phase of a crisis that has matured for more than thirty years, a crisis that has been announced and described times and again.


2. The economical, political, cultural and social crisis produced by the world imperialist system combines with the environmental crisis. This is as well produced by the world imperialist system. By its nature it leads to the devastation of the environment, to the plunder of the natural resources, to the destruction of the planet. By its nature capitalism must increase production with no limits, devastating the environment without ever satisfying the elementary needs of the mass of the population.


3. The present crisis gives the popular masses of every country only two possible ways: or to establish socialism (socialist revolution) or to follow the most reactionary and fascist groups of the bourgeoisie and the clergy in new military adventures and wars, in order to get from other countries some relief to the hardest effects of the crisis. No one of these ways is unavoidable, fatal. Which way will prevail depends on the political forces, on the working class and the popular masses.


4. The imperialist groups, the clergy and their authorities demagogically bring up measures and remedies to the crisis they do not even dream to carry out. They bring it up only for clouding the issue, saving time and getting out of trouble. But even if they should carry out all what they say and most of all what they really carry out will never end and cannot end the ongoing crisis. The only effect they can get is to mobilize a part of the popular masses against the others and to mobilize the workers of one country against the others, fomenting nationalism, racism and popular masses’ reactionary mobilization. No government and no authority established by the imperialist bourgeoisie can make work the necessary elementary measures for avoiding the hardest consequences of the crisis.


5. The necessary elementary measures are the following ones.

1. to assign to every firm productive tasks according to a national plan: no firm must be closed!

2. to eliminate all those activities and productions useless and harmful for people and environment, assigning to firms other tasks: stop the poisoners, the speculators and the profiteers!

3. to assign to each individual a socially useful work granting him in exchange the conditions necessary for a dignified life and the participation in the management of society: no worker must be dismissed or marginalized!

4. to distribute the products to firms, families and individuals and collective uses according to plans and criteria clear, known and democratically decided: a useful work to every grown-up person, a dignified life to every individual, what needs for working to every firm!

5. to establish relations of cooperation or exchange with all the countries available to establish them with us.

6. to begin to reorganize other relations and social activities according to the new productive base.


6. Surely the workers, the labourers and the popular masses are able to wring from the ruling classes grants, increase of wages, reductions of prices and taxes, and the more they will be able to do it the more fear they arouse in masters, rich people, clergy and authorities to lose all their privileges and richness. But only a government and authorities established,  trusted and actively and militantly supported by workers and people’s organizations can really make work those measures and make them become an organic system of social relations, of orders and rules that allow to utilize the material and spiritual forces the humanity disposes today for popular masses’ benefit.


7. The communist parties signatories of this declaration call all the organized or not yet organized Communists, all the vanguard workers, all the vanguard element of the popular masses, all the progressive people, all the sincere democratic people to take advantage of the European elections in the most effective way according to the concrete conditions of every country and the level of consciousness, organization and mobilization concretely got by popular organizations and movements, for denouncing the crisis caused by the system of internal and international relations imposed and defended by the imperialist groups and for showing that the way of the socialist revolution is the only one way useful for the popular masses for going out of the chaos which capitalism threw us in and more and more is driving us in.


We think the common declaration can and must consist about of the theses exposed in the seven points above indicated.


According to us, the proposal you sent us has the following limits:


1. It supports as a common position the abstemptionism (to not participate in the election because they are a trick) that is not a common position of the European communist parties. We are among the ones who think it is wrong. In fact, the European elections, as all the elections in a bourgeois regime, are a moment in which the bourgeoisie itself, for its shady reasons, is compelled to create among the popular masses some attention to the political problems, more than usual. Where the communist parties are able to take advantage of this opportunity they have to do it. They are not bourgeoisie’s intentions that determine the nature of social processes and events. This is determined by the concrete conditions and by the action the various classes and social forces carry out, not only by bourgeoisie, clergy and other reactionary classes’ action.


2. It does not indicate the nature and the origin of the present crisis, the mother of all the other social conditions. There is a very politically important struggle about origin and cause of the crisis today. The crisis origins from capitalism, from its own conditions. It is the final phase of the second general crisis of capitalism, that began in the Seventies after the end of postwar reconstruction and the end of the phase of resumption of capitalist accumulation and enlargement of the economical apparatus that the two World Wars and the first wave of proletarian revolution determined. The bourgeoisie, the organs and the people dependent on it instead say that the crisis is determined by political errors or by moral deviations, by managers and speculators’ exaggerations or by some things of this kind, absolutely secondary and derived. We have to take advantage of the electoral climate for promoting a right understanding of the origin an nature of the crisis and of its real solutions.


3. It is determined by a conception of the socialist revolution based on spontaneity and determinism: “the economical development will lead in the next future to a great mobilization and great class struggles against imperialist aggressions”. In order to support this conception it exaggerates the importance of some of the latest struggles, as the rebellion in Greece, the youth’s rebellion in France, workers’ strikes, protests and demonstrations that were and are going on in many European countries. As a matter of fact they are all events that will produce a superior level of struggle only if the revolutionary political forces shall be able to make them to produce a superior level of struggle.

In themselves, the economical crisis, the general crisis, the economical uneasiness do not create popular masses’ mobilization against the bourgeoisie. Still less they make break out the socialist revolution. Which way the popular masses will follow will depend on political forces’ action. The popular masses will mobilize against the imperialist bourgeoisie until establishing socialism only if the Communists will constitute parties able to get a right strategy and to carry it out one phase after the other by tactical plans, campaigns, battles and tactical operations suitable to the particular and concrete situations, so as to determine a growing mobilization of the popular masses under working class and its communist party’s direction. Socialist revolution is an event highly organized. It requests direction, conscience, organization. Which communist parties already have a strategy founded on the lessons of the first wave of the proletarian revolution and on the analysis of the current situation? Which is their strategy?

In the countries where the Communists will not be equal to their duties, the most reactionary groups of the bourgeoisie and clergy will take the direction of the popular masses. They will give vent to the discontent created by the crisis among the popular masses with reactionary movements, aggressions and wars.

In the end, we ask you to revise your proposal of common declaration. If you will do it we shall be pleased to sign and release it.

With warm communist greetings


The Provisional Commission of the Central Committee of the (new) Italian Communist Party.




Proposal of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) for a Joint Statement on the European Parliament Elections 



Ever since Greece, as a member of the European Economic Community, took part for the first time in the election for the European Parliament (1984), the Communist Party of Greece did not participate and called the Greek people to abstention. CPG (m-l) maintained and still maintains that participating in these elections equals to legitimizing the alignment of our country in the imperialist coalition, a fact that was never decided by our people through national elections. We believe that the European Parliament is an imposed institution, aiming at creating consent for the imperialist coalition and in no way can it be regarded as an achievement, even a bourgeois one, like the bourgeois parliaments that came from mass bourgeois revolutions. CPG (m-l) propagated abstention from EU elections as an active resistance stance during the whole pre-election period and will do the same for the elections that will be held in 7/6/2009.

In this context, CPG (m-l) holds that a joint statement will help the coordination and information across Europe and it intends to publish it in Greece and Europe in late May. That is why your answer is requested before 15/5/2009. 


Joint Statement on the European Parliament Elections 

The coming election for the European Parliament will take place in the midst of the deepening crisis of the global capitalist-imperialist system. The crisis has burst out in the European capitalist economies and has affected the workers, the youth, the migrants and the broad people’s strata in the cities and the countryside. The European governments both individually and in coordination within the European Union context contrive and apply countless anti-popular and anti-workers measures in order to rescue the profits and the rule of the monopolies, multinationals and banks. Hundreds of thousands of workers are sacked; unemployment rates are rapidly increasing – particularly in the youth – rights and achievements are abolished and the last remnants of social welfare are swept away, while indigence along with social prohibition expands. In the near future the economic development will lead to great class confrontation and struggles against the capitalist aggression; generating opportunities and the pre-conditions for a strong resistance front against capitalist barbarism. The youth revolt in France and the recent uprising in Greece, the tide of the workers strikes, protests and demonstrations in many European countries are the prelude of future struggles. 

The European Union is a reactionary construction of the capitalist-imperialist elites. Historically, it is doomed to fail. It is a reactionary coalition with internal contradictions and deadlocks, aiming at the participation of the European imperialist in the global imperialist rivalry. It is the instrument of contriving anti-workers and anti-popular policies; plundering the wealth produced by the workers and peoples of the Third World. It is a new “Holly Alliance” against the working class, against civil resistance movements and the peoples’ struggles for national and social liberation. 

The European Union leads, both along with the US and other imperialist powers and individually, the defense of the rule of the capital and multinationals around the world. It supports imperialist economic and military interventions; it plunders the natural resources and manpower of the Third World countries. It has become the production laboratory for anti-workers policies. It actively supports the so called anti-terror campaign, it adopts tough anti-migrant policies, and it promotes the anti-communist hysteria and exerts pressure for the adoption and implementation of tough repression measures along with the curtailment of democratic rights.  

The European Parliament and the election held in each member-country is a scheduled operation in order to provide a democratic pretext to this reactionary coalition of the European capitalist elites. It is the instrument for the disorientation and the incorporation of the popular and workers movements of resistance and overthrow. It is an institution that endorses the reactionary policies of the powerful European Commission and other summit conferences. It is a wasps’ nest that legitimizes the policies against the social and national liberation movements which also promotes anti-communism. It is an institution discredited, almost from the very first moment of its existence in the eyes of the European peoples, and that is why it has been addressed with complete debasement; and there are large percentages of low turnout in the European parliament election. The EU headquarters predict un-precedented low turnout in the elections that will take place in early June, and that is why they organized an expensive advertising and disorientating campaign addressed to the European voters, in order to save the lost prestige of the so called European institutions and hopefully increase the voters’ turnout. 

We, the undersigning of this joint statement, left and communist organizations and parties from European countries, address the workers, the youth, the migrants and all progressive people and activists in the resistance movements against capitalist barbarism and imperialism to active resistance against the European Union policies, aiming at the final breakup of this reactionary coalition, we fight for the walking out of our countries from it. We call for mass voter abstinence from the farce election of the European Parliament and we struggle to turn the passive voter abstinence into a mass and militant movement against the European Union. 


Athens-April 2009

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)


International Bureau

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

Chris Mais


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